Buying A House Before Christmas – Yes Or No?

With the holiday season right in front of us, some of our current buyers have a dilemma, whether to buy a house or to wait till the holidays end? The answer to this question should always be yes if you are asking for professional advice.

Why should I buy a house before Christmas?

Celebrating Christmas in the new home can just improve your mood and your holidays. But why should you buy the house in that exact period?

Take a look at our list, and you will understand.

Fewer Buyers

It is not a secret, and Christmas time means fewer people on the streets, more preparation of the holiday dinners and parties.

Shaking hands

While everyone else is occupied, you should look for your new house, fewer people on the streets means fewer buyers on the real estate market, therefore, less competition.

Interested sellers

Just like buyers are looking for a new house to spend their Christmas in, the sellers are looking forward to their new houses. If you make an early offer that will allow the seller to get out from his old house.


By the time for Christmas has come, you will probably spend holidays in the new home. Promise the completion before the holiday season arrives, and you will be good to go.

Hurry up

for_sale_by_ownerEven though the time around the 25th is perfect for buying a house, you shouldn’t think the New Years’ Eve is just as good, in fact, after the New Years Eve the real estate market is just getting busier. Buying a house before holidays come is a good idea especially if you think about incoming Christmas break followed by the New Years’ rush. Nobody could hope for a lower price or winning the bidding war in that condition. Thousands of new buyers will hoard towards the real estate agencies and sellers hoping they would get the best price. Even though you could think people will be occupied with their families and New Year resolutions, they will, in fact, flood the real estate market. So be sure to start looking for the perfect house in December or even November and if you’re lucky enough you will find it.